Assistant ConDuctor

Victoria Wilson

Assistant Conductor 

Flute, 1st & 2nd Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Music has always played a big role in my life, which was strongly encouraged by my family when I was younger. My first instrument is actually piano, which my mum taught me to play when I was at Primary school. I took up woodwind instruments once I was at secondary school, starting with clarinet then adding flute, saxophone and oboe. I have been playing in wind ensembles almost as long as I have played clarinet, but only learned to conduct a couple of years ago, thanks to a lot of patience and encouragement from Teesside Wind Band. 

As well as all things musical, I am completely fascinated by all creatures great and small, and am currently at the University of Liverpool training to become a vet. The small amount of free time I manage to find is usually spent working on a local farm, where I milk cows and look after calves, or with a paint brush in hand doing anything artsy!

Victoria can also been seen playing clarinet, flute, alto and tenor saxophone in the band when players are away.