Alto Saxophone

Holly - I haven't played the saxophone since college and started playing again when I joined the band in 2016. I am also learning to play the trumpet. I spend most of my spare time entertaining my crazy pouch!

Helen - I play the alto saxophone and have been in the band for about 9 months. In my spare time I like to socialise, walk my dog and go to the gym. I also enjoy art.

Nathalie -I started music when I was 11 and played until about 22. Then life got in the way. I returned to playing the alto sax a year after my son joined the band. It was itching not playing and just watching!



Colin - I founded the band in 2000 with a group of like minded musicians, throughout my time with the band I have played the alto & tenor saxophone, the clarinet, conducted a bit. I now sit on the back row of the band.



Chris - I started learning to play the tenor saxophone when I was about 30. I have now switched to the baritone saxophone because it's the biggest and best sounding instrument in the band. Most of the time I'm a farm labourer and in my spare time I give charitable support to local mountain bikers. My current favourite piece of music is Marquez: Danzon No. 2 which was awesome performing in a huge sax group last year. I also like The Muppets Show theme.