Jason Mitchell

Teacher of Music at Outwood Academy Ormesby 

I started learning the flute at the age of 6 in primary school, I then moved onto the clarinet, then the saxophone, oboe and bassoon. I achieved grade 8 on all the woodwind instruments and also musical theatre singing by the time I left secondary school. I joined the band in 2005 when I was 14 years old, I first played tenor saxophone then moved on to the flute seat as the band had no flutes at that time. In 2007 I moved to the position of conductor of the band at 16 years old. I conducted the band from 2007 to 2010 gaining new members to the band, building the bands repertoire and doing as many concerts as possible such as Saltburn Theatre and Prior Pursglove College to name a few. 

I then moved to Plymouth to study for my music degree where I did a focus on conducting under Rupert Bond and from this I had the opportunity to conduct the Plymouth University Orchestra, Concert Band and Musical Theatre Group on a regular bases and even partake in workshop conducting sessions with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), London Philharmonia (LP) and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. I gained so much experiance from these sessions and was able to take it into my own work with concert bands, choirs and orchestras. Whilst in Plymouth I played in a number of theatre group productions, homing my skills as a multi instrumentalist and also gainings skills on the alto flute, piccolo and cor anglais as musical theatre shows become more diverse and require more instruments to be played in one pad. 

Since university I have taught at both Primary and Secondary schools and Tees Valley Music Service (TVMS) giving what knowledge I know to other musicians and helping them achieve the best out of their playing. I have gained lots of qualifications in music and education over the last few years including; BA in Music (Plymouth), PGCE in secondary education (Hull), Qualified Teachers Satus (QTS) and a MA in Music Education (York). I run special workshops for other orchestras and band around the UK, play for several theatre groups in the teesside area with shows including Les Misersbles, Chicago and Annie to name a few and finally I conducted the Tees Valley Youth Wind Orchestra for 4 years before passing the baton on.