Gwyn - I am a domestic Goddess. I am happily retired with a grown up family. I love spending my time making music - singing & playing my clarinet. Teesside Wind Band is a brilliant band, we have excellent rehearsals and everyone is very friendly. 

Eve - I started playing instruments at the age of 65. I now play in two bands including the Teesside Wind Band. I enjoy playing the clarinet with TWB but also play the saxophone.

Robin - I began playing the piano at 7 and then the clarinet at 21. I enjoy the clarinet so much that I began playing in the teesside wind band in 2008 and have enjoyed myself ever since.



Colin - I founded the band in 2000 with a group of like minded musicians, throughout my time with the band I have played the alto & tenor saxophone, the clarinet, conducted a bit. I now sit on the back row of the band with my new love..... the bass clarinet.